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Amusement Park

On the Western side there is much more, Fun N Food Village, has 16 amusement rides a mix of kiddies rides, family rides and thrill rides some thing for every one.

Cat Train

Kids ride on the back of a cat through a fairy land with fountains and thematic music.

Kiddie Rides

Mayur Train

An exciting ride on the back of a peacock

Caterpillar Ride

Kids ride on the back of a caterpillar to follow the rise and fall motion of a caterpillar.

Family Rides

Water Queen

A gentle experience as the Whale shaped gondola takes you on a water channel through a thematic lay out.

Polo Trooper

An exhilarating experience as the rider is swung along an inclined plane simultaneously being flung outwards

Disco Disco

A family ride, the gondola moves around the undulating platform simultaneously spinning around its own axis alternately in a clock wise and anti clockwise directions

Roll N Roll

Cylindrical gondolas to seat four at a time rotate on an axis to roll the rider along the circular path of the gondola

Magic carpet

An exhilarating experience as the rider is sways on a vertical plane.

Thrill Rides

Tora Tora

A unique experience as the subject to three directional motion simultaneously- a circular motion around the central axis; a horizontal shuffling along the platform all combined with a rise and fall.

Dragon Ride

An thematic representation of a 16th Century Ship an experience of a ship riding the waves and rolling in rough waters.

Snow Blaster

For Kids in the age group of 1-5 years, there is a Kids Pool consisting of a Frog Slide and different types of toys and showers where the Kids can ride and float. Shallow Pool with Mushroom showers, Bucket showers, Water Guns and Kiddie slides

King Wheel

An unforgettable experience the family can share at 110 feet above the ground level.

The Air King


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